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Personal Injury- Have you or your loved ones been injured as the result of someone else's negligence or carlessness? Every day all over North Carolina, people are injured because of accidents, motor vehicle collisions, and defective products... Read more

General Litigation- We assist clients in obtaining monetary and other relief for many civil matters, including contracts, debt collection, and torts. While we encourage dispute resolution, mediation and arbitration, sometimes it becomes necessary to litigate a matter and let a jury decide... Read more

Business Services- We offer a wide range of business services, with as much or little involvement as our clients need. Our "À la carte" pricing schedule lets our clients choose the option that is right for them. Also, we serve as the Registered Agent for several companies, which... Read More

Traffic- After receiving a traffic ticket, it is important to consult with an attorney. We represent individuals on a flat legal fee basis of only $99.... Read more

Employment law- The General rule in North Carolina is that a non-contract employee of a private company is an "at will" employee, and can be discharged for any reason that is not against state or federal law, or against public policy. This effectively means that employers.... Read more

Administrative Law- Administrative Law is a broad term basically encompassing disputes between an individuals and State Agencies. The outcome of these crucial hearings can determine the outcome of your job, career, professional license, or profession...Read more

Family and Domestic law- Relationships are the cornerstone of our human existence. Unfortunately, relationships are very difficult, and often don't work out as planned. This can often be due to matters outside of your control. That is why we offer representation for uncontested absolute divorce for a flat legal fee of only $499... Read more

Estate Planning- You have worked for everything that you have earned and achieved. Unfortunately, illness, injury, or sudden death can occur without warning at a moment's notice. It is important to plan ahead to ensure that the fruits of your labor are passed on to the ones you love in accordance with your wishes... Read more

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