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Have you or your loved ones been injured as the result of someone else's negligence or carlessness? Every day all over North Carolina, people are injured because of accidents, motor vehicle collisions, and defective products. Often, many of these situations were preventable, yet the victims are left with the lingering, sometimes life-long results. We feel that you deserve fair and just compensation for your injuries, and our office will work hard to secure this result.

Automobile injury litigation is our fastest growing area of practice as more and more insurance companies are trying to settle claims for as little as possible- in some cases for pennies on the dollar

Don't accept bottom dollar for your injuries. We have successfully helped our clients recover the proper amount of money necessary to compensate them for thier injuries. If you are in doubt, please call today to schedule your FREE, no obligation consultation.

We have successfully assisted our clients at all stages of recovery, from initial claim establishment through jury trial verdict. We take cases throughout the state of North Carolina.

Andrew also authors a blog dedicated to helping people with their claims following car accidents. For more information, please visit our blog at: http://northcarolinacrashattorney.blogspot.com/
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