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The General rule in North Carolina is that a non-contract employee of a private company is an "at will" employee, and can be discharged for any reason that is not against state or federal law, or against public policy. This effectively means that employers do not need any reason to terminate a non-contract employee. Some (but not all) of the federally protected reasons an employer CANNOT terminate an employee are: Age, Race, Sex, Religion, National origin, and Disability. Additionally, there is a recent trend in North Carolina to prohibit employers from terminating employees for reasons that are against "public policy". Some of these reasons can include: refusing to violate the law, refusing to engage in unethical behavior, and refusal to engage in behavior that would be against the public policy of the State of North Carolina. If you feel that you have been terminated by an employer unjustly, and would like to discuss your legal options, please call to make an appointment.
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